Are you looking for a speaker for your workplace event?

 With a strong bent toward teaching solid, practical leadership principles through story-telling and layered questions, John Crosby is often available for opportunities to speak to groups, of any number, ages, gender, or setting. John’s messages can be adapted to brief individual messages or deeper teaching delivered through multiple messages. John has led, presented, and/or facilitated numerous:

·      Staff meetings & retreats

·      Corporate planning & strategy sessions

·      Team building sessions

·      Conference presentations & workshops

·      Leadership retreats

·      School and workplace chapel services

·      Civic Club Presentations

John often teaches Biblically-grounded leadership principles in environments considered irreligious or secular, counting on the promise that the Word of God never returns empty (Isaiah 55:11). Without waving the Bible in these endeavors, John has often seen people’s openness to God positively change without pressure from others as they personally experienced the value of applying Biblical principals in their lives and leadership over-time to the point that individuals in these organizations requested to know more about the Gospel message.

Among John’s most requested workplace teaching & speaking topics are:

·       Seven Questions that Make or Break Every Leader

·      The Key to Success in Personal Fulfillment, Finances, & Faith

·       Overcoming Our Two Greatest Obstacles – Fear & Pride

·       Vision is Simply the Vehicle for Hope

·       Biblical Conflict Resolution

· The Wise Leader’s Guide to Employment Termination