Called To…

Leadership is first and foremost a calling. God chooses leaders and entrusts you with opportunities, resources, and relationships. The primary responsibility of a leader is to wisely steward that which God has entrusted to you. The Called To series is intended to assist in developing this wise stewardship by providing specific groups of leaders with Biblical insight into your specific leadership arenas and challenging you to align your lives and leadership with God’s Word.  

Each book in the Called To series is written in a weekly devotional format intended to:

·  give the reader one Biblical principle or challenge

·      the time to pray and perhaps discuss the principle

·      the opportunity to focus on that principle for a week, trusting God to give you opportunities to see that principle at work within the week.

In my ministry serving leaders, this combination of reading, praying, discussing and seeking to discern one principle each week throughout the year has proven to be an effective approach to developing wise leaders. I trust you will find this series to be an effective tool in your pursuit of honoring the God who called you to lead.


Called to Lead, by John Crosby. 

These devotions were forged, tested, and found true through the lives of the leaders served by John. These devotions are written for smart, hard-working, no-nonsense workplace leaders who are looking for something solid to help you improve your leadership. If you are eager to close the gap between the leader you are and the leader God created you to be, humble enough to recognize that you could use some help, and willing to try a proven approach, invest a few minutes each week with this book pondering the intersection of your life and leadership and God's Word. 

Called to Coach, by John Crosby

This book is written for coaches who work hard - sometimes too hard - and know how to quickly size up what is a waste of time. It is for coaches who are looking for something solid. It is for coaches who know that real ministry takes place in the opportunities of everyday life, rather than simply sitting in rows on Sunday morning or around a campfire singing kumbaya.  It is for coaches who recognize that the Bible is the greatest source of leadership principles the world has ever known.


Called to Shepherd, by John Crosby

"Called to Shepherd is designed to help church leaders focus their hearts on the multiple priorities of life-changing ministry. As 'iron sharpens iron' these devotions will sharpen your focus on ministry and inspire greater diligence as we pursue the greatest work in the world. I pray these thoughts will bless you... and empower you to bless others." Cam Huxford, Senior Pastor, Savannah Christian Church, Savannah, Georgia.